Plenary, Keynote & Invited Talks

[1]   Jens Ducrée. Efficient development of microfluidic solutions for bioanalytical point-of-use testing towards high-technology-readiness levels – A platform-based design-for-manufacture approach. In Proceedings of Eurosensors 2018 in Graz, Austria from September 9–12, 2018. invited keynote.

[2]   Jens Ducrée. Invited talk: Towards rapid and cost-efficient development of microfluidics-enabled, high-technology-readiness level solutions for the life sciences by a platform-based design-for-manufacture approach. In Microsystems & Nanoengineering Summit 2018 (MINE 2018) in Beijing, China from July 8 – 11. Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2018. invited keynote.

[3]   Jens Ducrée. Plenary: Towards industrialisation of microfluidic sample-to-answer solutions enabling point-of-use testing of biosamples: A design-for-manufacture led platform approach. In The 2018 Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop (Hilton Head 2018) held on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA from June 3 – 7, pages 26–29. Transducers Research Foundation, 2018. status: invited plenary.

[4]   Jens Ducrée. Platform-based virtual prototyping for de-risking the development microfluidic sample-to-answer solutions in the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Embedded Bioanalytical Systems at Dublin City University (FPC@DCU). In Conference on Infectious Diseases Diagnostics – Upcoming novel technologies and advancements in molecular diagnostics for efficient patient care held in London, UK on February 21–22. Markets & Markets, 2018. status: invited talk.

[5]   Jens Ducrée. Keynote: Multi-parameter food analysis at the point-of-use by the user-friendly and versatile “Lab-on-a-Disc” platform. In The 8th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2017) held Prague, Czech Republic, from November 7 – 10!, 2017. status: invited keynote.

[6]   Jens Ducrée. FPC@DCU – Rapid and cost-efficient development of high technology-readiness level applications for decentralised bioanalytical testing enabled by a streamlined microfluidic platform approach. In ACES Symposium held in The Helix, Dublin City University (Ireland) on May 25, 2017. status: invited.

[7]   Jens Ducrée. Microfluidic platforms incorporating design-for-manufacture and scale-up of production for de-risking commercialisation. In Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics conference held in Munich (Germany), May 10–11. SELECTBIO, 2017. invited presentation.

[8]   Jens Ducrée. The Lab-on-a-Disc platform for highly versatile testing in decentralised settings. In Weqas Annual Conference held at the Hilton Deansgate Hotel in Manchester, UK, December 13–14, 2016. invited presentation.

[9]   Jens Ducrée. The Bio-CPU - Streamlined design-for-manufacture concept fostering the industrial revolution of decentralised bioanalytical testing. In Medtec Ireland, held at Radisson Blu Hotel Galway from October 4–5. UBM EMEA, 2016. invited presentation.

[10]   Jens Ducrée. The digital revolution on a disc for next-generation point-of-care diagnostics. In Cambridge Health Institute’s 4th International Molecular Diagnostics Europe Event, held in the Sheraton Hotel Lisbon, Portugal, April 4 – 7, 2016. invited presentation.

[11]   Jens Ducrée. Novel microfluidic platforms for diagnostics and liquid handling automation in the life sciences, environmental monitoring and food safety. In Proceedings of the International MicroNano Conference, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on December 8 – 9. MinacNed, 2015. invited keynote.

[12]   Jens Ducrée. Towards large-scale integrated point-of-care diagnostics for resource-poor settings. In μ-Med-A 2015, 3rd International Workshop on Microsystem Technologies for African Health, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa, September 16–18, 2015. invited keynote presentation.

[13]   Jens Ducrée. The centrifugal microfluidic Lab-on-a-Disc technology as a robust and versatile sample-to-answer platform for decentralised bioanalytical applications. In Proceedings of the 10th Rapid Methods Europe on Food, Feed and Water Analysis (RME 2015) held in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, April 20 – 22, 2015. invited presentation.

[14]   Jens Ducrée. Comprehensive integration, automation and parallelisation of multi-step bioanalytical assay formats on the centrifugal microfluidic lab-on-a-disc platform. In Proceedings of the 7th Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress & Microfluidic meeting at the Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany, March 17–18. Select Biosciences, 2015. invited talk.

[15]   Jens Ducrée. Integrated microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platforms for automated bioanalytical assays. In Bioanalytical meeting at the 1st Brazil-Ireland Science Week, Dublin City University (Ireland), February 26, 2015. invited talk.

[16]   Jens Ducrée. CD 4 CD4: A lab-on-a-disc platform for CD4 counting in resource-poor settings. In μ-Med-A 2013, 2nd International Workshop on Microsystem Technologies for African Health, Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge, South Africa, September 11-13, 2013. invited keynote presentation.

[17]   Jens Ducrée. Microfluidic enablers for cell-based assays. In Proceedings of the 24th Micromechanics and Microsystems Europe conference (MME 2013), held in Espoo, Finland, September 01 – 04, 2013. invited speaker.

[18]   Jens Ducrée. Advanced cell handling and analysis on a rotational lab-on-a-chip platform. In Proceedings of the Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress in Barcelona, Spain, March 5–6. Select Biosciences, 2013. invited talk.

[19]   Jens Ducrée. Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platforms for glycodiagnostics. In Lokesh Joshi and Pauline Rudd, editors, 5th Annual GlycoScience Ireland Meeting, Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway, 19th October. Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster, 2012. invited keynote address.

[20]   Jens Ducrée. Multi-force actuation for advanced flow control and particle handling on bioanalytical lab-on-a-chip platforms. In Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 2nd Annual Convergence of Technologies for Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Hannover, Germany – part of Molecular Diagnostics Summit Europe, October 11–12, 2011. invited talk.

[21]   Jens Ducrée. Integrating microfluidic technologies for addressing the grand challenges of global diagnostics. In μ-Med-A 2011, 1st International Workshop on Microsystem Technologies for African Health, Kruger National Park, South Africa, September 7-10, 2011. invited keynote presentation.

[22]   Jens Ducrée. Novel strategies for handling, assaying, counting and identification of cells and beads in lab-on-a-chip systems. In bbmec 2011 – 10th Workshop on Biosensors and Bioanalytical Microtechniques in Environmental and Clinical Analysis (BBMEC’11), Weimar, Germany, June 19–22, page 28, 2011. invited plenary lecture.

[23]   Jens Ducrée. Novel strategies for particle and cell handling and detection on centrifugal microfluidic platforms. In 5th Annual Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress in Hamburg, Germany, June 30 – July 01, 2011. invited talk.

[24]   Jens Ducrée. Advancements on the design and fabrication of next-generation microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platforms. In Proceedings of the Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress in Dublin, Ireland, May 25–26. Select Biosciences, 2010. invited talk.

[25]   Jens Ducrée. Recent advancements on lab-on-a-chip technologies for point-of-care diagnostics and systems biology. In 5th Workshop on Microtechnology for Chemistry and Biology Laboratories in Ilmenau / Elgersburg, February, 23–25, 2010. invited plenary talk.

[26]   Jens Ducrée. Advanced polymer micro- and nanofabrication for next-generation diagnostic lab-on-a-chip platforms. In Emerging Nano and Bio and Medical Technologies Conference, held on October 19–20 at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA, 2009. invited talk.

[27]   Jens Ducrée. Next-generation microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platforms for point-of-care diagnostics and systems biology. In Jürgen Brugger and Danick Briand, editors, Proceedings of Eurosensors XXIII, September 6–9 in Lausanne, Switzerland, page 180, 2009. invited keynote lecture.

[28]   Jens Ducrée. Volume-force driven microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technologies. In Ramin Golestanian and Vladimir Lobaskin, editors, Proceedings of the CECAM Workshop Driven Microfluidic Systems, May 20–22, Atlantic Centre for Atomistic Modelling, Dublin. University College Dublin, Science Foundation of Ireland and Atlantic Centre for Atomistic Modelling - ACAM, 2009. invited talk.

[29]   Jens Ducrée. Centrifugal microfluidics – A new spin to the lab? In 22nd International Symposium on microscale bioseparations and methods for systems biology (MSB 2008 – former HPCE), March 9–13, 2008 in Berlin, Germany, volume I, page 27, 2008. invited review talk.

[30]   Jens Ducrée. Streamlined development of polymeric lab-on-a-chip systems. In Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress 2008, May 07–08 in Barcelona, Spain. Select Biosciences, 2008. invited talk.

[31]   Jens Ducrée. Centrifugal platform for process automation, integration, miniaturization and parallelisation in the life sciences. In Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress, May 15–16 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Select Biosciences, 2007. invited talk.

[32]   Jens Ducrée. Centrifugal microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip and micro process engineering. In mikroKAP Symposium – Mikrosystemer til Kemisk og Biokemisk Analyse, Teknologisk Institut, Copenhagen, April 03, 2006. invited review talk.

[33]   Jens Ducrée and Roland Zengerle. Bio-Disk: Eine vielseitige, zentrifugale Plattform für die Point-of-Care-Diagnostik. In Mikrosystemtechnik Kongress, 10.-12. Oktober, Konzerthaus Freiburg, pages 199–202. VDI|VDE|IT, GMM, BMBF, VDE Verlag, 2005. invited talk.

[34]   Jens Ducrée. Bio-Disk für Point-of-Care Diagnostik & zentrifugale Mikromischer. In FZ Karlsruhe – IMTEK Kolloquium, Karlsruhe, October 01, 2004. invited talk.

[35]   J. Ducrée, B. de Heij, H. Sandmaier, and R. Zengerle. Production system for biochips. In Proceedings of MICRO.tec, Hannover World Expo, Germany, September 25–27, volume 2, pages 529–530, 2000. invited talk.

[36]   Jens Ducrée, Walter Lang, and Hermann Sandmaier. From research to application: Experiences of HSG-IMIT. In 6th International Micromachine Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, January 21, 2000. invited keynote.

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