Lab Equipment


Process Equipment & Model

Centrifugal test & development stands (3)in-house

Syringe pump (multi-channel) Cetoni

Syringe pump Harvard Aparatus PicoPlus

Contact angle Data Physics KP 40

Viscometer Brookfield LVDV-II+PRO CP

Electrostat μAutolabIII/FRA2 (Metrohm AG)

pH/Conductivity meter Mettler Toledo

DO meter Precision Sensing NT DO meter

Micromanipulator Pyroscience MM33


Process Equipment & Model

Maskless lithography systemHeidelberg DWL 66FS

Plasma etching Oxford+

Mask aligner (6-inch) OAI 206 CE

Mask aligner (4-inch) Karl Süss MA 56

Spin coating Laurel WS-400 (2x)

Speedline Technologies P6700

Laminar flow box BassAire

Polymer Microfabrication

Process Equipment & Model

Ultraprecision milling Kern Evo

Structural inspection systemFRT MicroProf 200

Precision milling Roland MDX-40A

Precision milling* Datron CAT 3D

Hot embossing* Jenoptik HEX 02

Injection moulding* Babyplast 6-10

3D printing Dolomite Fluidic Factory

PDMS casting in-house

Laser ablation Epilog Zing 16

Laser ablation* Optec Micromaster

3D polymer printing Dimension μPrint Plus

Knife cutting Graphtec Robo-Pro

Hot roll laminator ChemInstruments HL 101

Film laminator Titan 110

Photopro Model 33

Ozone plasma Novascan-PSD

O2 plasma Harrick Plasmaflo PDC-FMG

Plasma pen Rheinhausen Piezo

Wax printing Xerox Phaser 8560N

Screen printing Asos Graf - Print plus

Materials printing* Dimatix

Ultrasound bath Branson 5510

Fume hoods NSP Services

Desiccator N/A

DI water system* TKA Smart2pure

Measurement of Material Characteristics & Topologies

Type Equipment & Model

Microscope Zeiss with Leica camera

Microscope+ Leica

3D microscope Keyence VHX 2000*

Whitelight interferometer* Veeco WYKO NT-1100

Stylus profilometer* Dektak 150

Ellipsometer* Uvisel

Thin film measurement unit* Metricon
Surface roughness Tesa Rugosurf 90G

Material hardness Ray-Ran Polytest

Melting point analysis system Stanford RS - MPA 1000
FTIR Thermo Scientific - Nicolet 6700

Raman spectrometer* Jobin Yvon Lab-Ram

Gaussmeter ChengYeng Technologies CYHT201

Scanning electron microscope* (environmental)Carl Zeiss - EVO LS15

Atomic force microscope* Veeco Bioscope II

Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Type Equipment & Model

Automated fluorescent microscopyOlympus IX 81 (3x)
with CO2 incubator

Haematology analyser+ HemoCue WBC Diff Analyser

Microarrayer* Scienion Biodot
Capillary electrophoresis Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

Cell incubator Thermo Scientific

Ultrapure water system Barnstead Nanopure Diamond

Spectrometer (vis) Nicolet AVATAR 320

UV spectrometer Thermo Nanodrop 2000C

Vortex mixer Scientific Vortex Genie 2

Pipettes Eppendorf 1000

Computing & Software

Type Type & Version

High-performance PCDell Precision Workstation

Simulation package COMSOL Multiphysics 4.2

CAD-CAM package Pro-Engineer (ProE) 5.0

3D-CAD Solidworks

CAD Autocad 2012

Hardware control Labview 2010

Mask generation EasyGerb

* shared equipment within DCU’s National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR)

+ equipment to arrive soon
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