A B C D E F G H I J L K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Greek


A    Ampere (SI unit for electric current);
A&E    accident and emergency (unit, hospital)
Å    Angstrom, unit for length, 1Å= 10-10m
AA    acrylic acid; ascorbic acid
AAO    anodic aluminium oxide
AAm    acryl amide
AAV    associated acceptance value
Ab    antibody
ABC    ATP-binding cassette
ABG    arterial blood gas
ABR    antibiotic resistance
ABS    acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (polymer)
ABTS    di-ammonium 2,2’-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonate)
AC    alternating current
AChR    acetylcholine receptor
ACS    acute coronary syndrome
ACTH    adrenocorticotropic hormone
   Alzheimer’s disease
ADE    acoustic droplet ejection
ADFET    adsorption-based FET
ADH    alcohol dehydrogenase
ADM    anesthetic depth monitoring
ADMET    absorption, distribution,
   metabolism, excretion, toxicity (pharmacol.)
ADP    adenosine diphosphate (cef. ATP)
ADR    adverse drug reaction
AFM    atomic force microscopy
Ag    silver (chemical symbol)
AI    artificial intelligence
AIBN    azobisisobutyronitrile
AIDS    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIV    avian influenza virus
Al    aluminum (chemical symbol)
ALCAM    activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule
ALB    albumin
ALE    atomic layer epitaxy (other name for ALD)
ALP    alkaline phosphatase
ALT    alanine transaminase
AM    additive manufacturing
AMANDA    German for Abformung (molding) –
   Oberflächenmikromechanik (surface micromachining) –
   Membranübertragung (diaphragm based transfer)
AMI    acute myocardial infarction
AMD    age-related macular degeneration
AMR    antimicrobial drug resistance; adaptive mesh refinement
An    analyte
AO    acridine orange
AOI    automated optical inspection
AOX    alcohol oxidase
AP    alkaline phosphatase
APC    antibody producing cell
APD    avalanche photodiode
API    active pharmaceutical ingredient
APTES    3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane
AR    aspect ratio
ARC    anisotropic ratchet conveyor
ARI    acute respiratory infection
ARROW    antiresonant reflecting optical waveguide
ART    anti-retroviral therapy
ARV    anti-retroviral (therapy)
AS    allele specific (PCR)
ASP    average selling price
ASSURED    affordable, sensitive, specific,
   user-friendly, rapid and robust,
   equipment-free, and deliverable to end-users [?]
AST    antimicrobial / antibiotic susceptibility testing; aspartate transaminase
ATP    adenosine triphosphate (cef. ADP)
ATPS    aqueous two-phase system (bacteria separation technique)
ATR    attenuated total reflection (IR spectroscopy)
Au    gold (chemical symbol)
AuNP    gold nanoparticle
AUC    area under curve
ASVD    arteriosclerotic vascular disease
BAC    bacterial artificial chromosome
BAW    bulk acoustic wave (transducer)
BAEC    bovine aortic endothelial cell
BBB    blood brain barrier
BCP    bromocresol purple
BE    barrel etching
BEAMing    beads, emulsions, amplification & magnetics
BGE    background electrolyte
BIA    biomolecular interaction analysis
BIL    bilirubin
BLM    bilayer lipid membrane
BMA    butyl methacrylate
BMDC    bone marrow derived cell
BMI    brain-machine interface
BMP    basic metabolic panel (8 parameter blood test):
   sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, BUN, creatinine, glucose, calcium
BNP    brain / β- / B-type natriuretic peptide (marker of chronic heart failure)
BPA    benign prostatic hyperplasia
BRF    biased reptation model with fluctuations
BRL    biological recognition layer
BRM    biased reptation model
BSA    bovum serum albumin
BSaC    bubble spring and channel
BSE    bovine spongiform encephalopathy
BSI    blood stream infection
BTB    bovine TB
BUN    blood urea nitrogen
C    centigrade, Celsius (temperature unit); Coulomb (SI unit)
   carbon (chemical symbol); cytidine (ribonucleoside residues)
CA    cornu ammonis (brain)
CAD    computer aided design
CAE    capillary array electrophoresis
CAGR    compound annual growth rate
CAM    computer aided manufacturing; cell adhesion matrix
CBC    complete blood count
CBF    cerebral blood flow
CCA    cholangiocarcinoma
CCBR    continuous centrifugal bioreactor
CCC    countercurrent chromatography
CCD    charge-coupled device
CCE    centrifugal counterflow elutriation
CCP    cell penetrating peptide
CCS    cell culture supernatant
CD    compact disc (optical data storage); cluster of differentiation (immunology);
   coeliac disease (aka gluten intolerance)
CDC    charge delivery capacity
CDG    congenital disorders of glycosylation
CDx    companion diagnostics (Dx)
CD-R    CD recordable
CE    capillary electrophoresis; CE mark / marking
   (Communauté Européenne or Conformité Européenne)
CEA    carcinoma-embryonic antigen
CEC    capillary (or chip) electro-chromatography;
   circulating endothelial cell; contaminants of emerging concerns
CEW    continuous electrowetting
CF    cystic fibrosis
CFD    computational fluid dynamics
CFU    colony forming unit
CGE    capillary gel electrophoresis
CGM    continuous glucose monitoring
CGT    gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase
CHEMFET    chemically modified field effect transistor
CHF    chronic heart failure
ChIP    chromatin immunoprecipitation (sequencing)
CHO    Chinese hamster ovarian (cell)
CI    concentration index; cochlear implant
CIM    convective interaction material; ceramic injection molding
CK    creatine kinase; cytokeratin
CKD    chronic kidney disease
CL    chemiluminescence
CLD    cell line development
CLIA    clinical laboratory improvement amendments (of 1988)
   (quality laboratory testing)
CMC    critical micelle concentration
CMOS    complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMP    comprehensive metabolic panel (14 parameter blood test);
   chemical mechanical planarization
   BMP plus total protein, albumin, ALP, ALT, AST, bilirubin
CMS    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
CMUT    capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer
CNAP    compound nerve action potential
CNC    computer numerical control
CNS    central nervous system
CNT    carbon nanotube
CNV    copy number variation
COC    cyclic olefin copolymer (TOPAS)
COD    chemical oxide demand (water quality)
COMP    cartilage oligomeric matrix protein
COP    cyclo olefin polymer (Zeonor)
COPD    chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
CombiChem    combinatorial chemistry
COTS    commercial off-the-shelf (components)
CPA    cryoprotective agent
CPC    centrifugal partition chromatography
CPE    cytopathic effect
CPW    coplanar waveguide
CRBN    chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear
   (context: weapons of mass destruction)
CRC    colorectal cancer
CRISPR    clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats
CRM    certified reference material
CRO    contract research organisation
CRP    C-reactive protein
CSA    clinical support algorithm
CSC    charge storage capacity; cancer stem cell
CSF    cerebrospinal fluid
CT    computer tomography
CTAB    cetyl trimethylammonium bromide
CTC    circulating tumour cell
CTE    coefficient of thermal expansion
CTM    circulating tumour microembolus
CTR    carbon dioxide transfer rate
CV    coefficient of variation (relative standard deviation); cyclic voltammetry
CVD    chemical vapor deposition; cardiovascular disease
Cy3    cyanine 3 [?], fluorochrome: peak excitation /
   emission wavelength [nm]: (512);550 / 570;(615)
Cy5    cyanine 5 [?], fluorochrome: peak excitation /
   emission wavelength [nm]: (625);650 / 670
CZE    capillary zone electrophoresis
Da    Dalton (atomic mass unit, named after John Dalton)
DALY    disability adjusted life year
DAPI    4’,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (nuclear cell stain)
DAT    direct agglutination test; drugs-of-abuse testing
DBR    distributed Bragg reflector
DBS    dried blood spot
DC    direct current; dendritic cell
DCM    dichloromethane
DCR    dark count rate (optical detection)
DDoS    distributed denial of service (attack)
DDW    distilled deionized water
DDS    drug delivery system
DE    differential extraction
DEP    dielectrophoresis
DFB    distributed feedback (laser)
DFM    design for manufacture
DFR    dry-film resist
DFS    disease-free survival
DG    dentate gyrus (brain)
DHA    dehydroascorbic acid AA
DHE    dynamic hydrogen electrode
DI    de-ionized (water)
DIC    differential interference contrast (microscopy)
DLD    deterministic lateral displacement
DLP    digital light processor
DO    dissolved oxygen
DOA    drug of abuse
DoD    drop on demand (inkjet)
DLW    direct laser writing
DMCS    dimethylchlorosilane
DMD    digital (micro-)mirror device
DMEM    Dulbecco’s modified eagle’s medium
DMF    dimethylformamide (organic solvent); digital microfluidics
DMFC    direct methanol fuel cell
DMSO    dimethylsulfoxide
DNA    deoxyribonucleic acid
DOC    digital optical chemistry
DPN    dip-pen nanolithography
DRE    digital rectal examination
DRG    diagnosis related group
DR    diabetic retinopathy
DRIE    deep reactive ion etching
DSP    digital signal processor; downstream processing (pharma)
DTC    disseminated tumour cell
DVD    digital versatile disc
DVT    deep venous thrombosis
Dx    diagnostics (industry)
DXRL    deep XRL
EAP    electroactive polymer
EB    ethidium bromide; embryoid / embryonic body
EBL    electron beam lithography
EBV    Epstein Bar virus
EC    endothelial cell
ECD    electrochemical detection; extracellular domain
ECF    extracellular fluid
ECG    electrocardiography
ECL    electro-chemiluminescence
ECM    extracellular matrix
ECMO    extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
ECoG    electrocorticography
ECP    electrocapillary pumping
EDC    1-ethyl-3-(dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide
EDL    electric double layer
EDM    electro-discharge machining
EDMA    ethylene glycol dimethacrylate
EDTA    ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
EDX    energy dispersion X-ray (spectroscopy)
EEG    electroencephalography
EF    evanescent field
EGDM    ethylene glycol dimethacrylate
EGF    epidermal growth factor
EGFR    EGF receptor (tumor marker)
EGTA    ethylene glycol tetraacetic acid
EHD    electrohydrodynamic
EHEC    Shigatoxigenic & verotoxigenic Escherichia coli
EIA    enzyme immunoassay
EICE    electrowetting on insulator-coated electrodes (cef. EWOD)
EIS    electrical / electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
EIT    electrical impedance tomography
EL    electroluminescence
ELIA    enzyme-linked immunoassay
ELISA    enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
EM    electromagnetic
EMA    ethidium monoazide; European Medicines Agency
EMF    electromotive force
EMG    electromyography
EMI    electromagnetic interference
EMIM    1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium
EMLC    electrochemically modulated LC
EMT    epithelial-mesenchymal transition
EOF    electroosmotic flow
EPC    endothelial progenitor cell
EpCAM    epithelial cell adhesion molecule
EPDM    ethylene propylene diene elastomer
EPS    extracellular polymeric substances
EQA    external quality assessment
ER    endoplasmic reticulum (cellular organelle)
ERDA    elastic recoil detection analysis
ERP    enterprise resource planning
ES    embryonic stem (cell)
ESRD    end stage renal disease
ESC    embryonic stem cell
ESCA    electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (cef. XPS)
ESI    electrospray ionization
ESI-MS    ESI mass spectrometry
ESMS    electrospraying into a mass spectrometer
ESR    erythrocyte sedimentation rate
EST    expression sequence tag
ETL    electron transporting layer
ETL    extreme UV
EV    extracellular vesicle
EVD    external ventricular drain (catheter)
EVOH    ethylene vinyl alcohol
EW    electrowetting; evanescent wave
EWOD    electrowetting on dielectric
EXAFS    extended X-ray absorption fine structure
Fab    fragment antigen binding (antibody)
FA    formaldehyde
FABP    fatty-acid binding protein
FACS    fluorescence activated cell sorting
FASA    Fresnel annular sector actuator
FASS    field-amplified sample stacking
Fb    fragment crystallizable (antibody)
FBC    full blood count
FBE    full blood exam
FCC    face centered cubic (crystal); fluid catalytic cracking
FCM    flow cytometry
FCS    fluorescence correlation spectroscopy; fetal calf (bovine) serum
FDA    Food and Drug Administration (US government agency)
FDH    fructose dehydrogenase
FDI    foreign direct investment
FDM    finite difference method; fused deposition moulding
FEA    finite element analysis
FEM    finite element method
FEP    fluorinated ethylene propylene
FES    functional electrical stimulation
FET    field effect transistor
FF    ferrofluid; flow fractionation
FFF    free-flow fractionation
FFD    flow-focusing device
FFE    free-flow electrophoresis
FFMR    falling film microreactor
FIA    flow injection analysis; fluorescent immunoassay
FIB    focused ion beam; fecal indicator bacteria
FIC    fractional inhibitory concentration
FID    flame ionization detector
FISH    fluorescent in-situ hybridization
FITC    fluorescein isothiocyanate (fluorescent label)
FL    fluorescence
FLAME    flow analysis with automated multivariate estimation
FLIM    fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
FLOPS    floating point operations per second
FMEA    failure mode and effects analysis
FOBT    fecal occult blood test
FOM    figure of merit
FOV    field of view (optics)
FN    fibronectin
FPGA    field-programmable gate array (electronics)
FPW    flexural plate wave
FRET    Förster (also fluorescence) resonant energy transfer
FS    fused silica
FSC    forward scattering
FWHM    full width at half maximum
FTIR    Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
FTV    flow tagging velocimetry
G    guanosine (ribonucleoside residues)
GaAs    gallium arsenide
GBS    genotyping by sequencing
GC    gas chromatography; ganglion cell
GCI    game-changing initiative
GCP    good clinical practice
GDPR    general data protection regulation
GE    gel electrophoresis
Ge    Germanium (chemical element)
GelMA    gelatin methacrylate
GFP    green fluorescent protein
GGT    gamma glutamyl transferase
GLP    good laboratory practice
GMA    glycidyl methacrylate
GMMO    genetically modified micro-organism
GMO    genetically modified organism
GMP    good manufacturing practice
GMR    giant magnetoresistance
GMS    genomic mismatch scanning
GOD    glucose oxidase (cef. GOx)
GOx    glucose oxidase (cef. GOD)
GP    general practitioner
GPRC    G-protein coupled receptor
GRP    good research practice
GST    glutathione-s-transferase
GUV    giant unilamellar vesicle
HAI    hospital-acquired infection
HAR    high aspect ratio
HARM    high aspect ratio microstructure
HBV    hepatitis type B virus
Hb    hemoglobin
HbA1c    hemoglobin A1c (glycated Hb)
HCAI    health-care acquired infection
HCP    host cell protein; healthcare professional
HCS    high content screening
Hct    hematocrit (blood)
HCV    Hepatitis C virus
HDA    helicase-dependent amplification
HDC    hydrodynamic chromatography
HDF    hydrodynamic flow
HDL    high-density lipoprotein
HDPE    high-density polyethylene
HDT    heat distortion temperature (polymers)
HE    hot embossing
HEC    hydroxyethyl cellulose
HeLa    cell line derived from cervical cancer cells
   taken from Mrs. Henrietta Lacks
HEMA    2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate
HEPA    high efficiency particulate air (filter)
HER    human epidermal (growth factor) receptor
hESC    human embryonic stem cell (ESC)
HETP    height equivalent of a theoretical plate
HIE    hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy
HIF    hypoxia inducible factor
HF    hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid; heart failure
HFB    hollow fiber bioreactor
HFIP    hexafluoropropanol
HGH    human growth hormone
HIV    human immunodeficiency virus
HLA    human leukocyte antigen
HMCV    hydrophobic microcapillary vent
HMD    hexamethylenediamine
HMDS    hexamethyldisilizane
HOMPP    2-hydroxy-2-methylpropiophenone
HPC    hematopoietic progenitor cell
HPLC    high-performance liquid chromatography
HPV    human papilloma virus
HRP    horseradish peroxidase
HSA    human serum albumin
HSV    Herpes simplex virus (type 1 and 2)
HTA    health technology assessment
HTF    human tubal fluid
HTL    hole transporting layer
HTS    high-throughput screening
HUGO    human genome project
HUVEC    human umbilical vein endothelial cell
HV    high voltage
IA    immunoassay
IBE    ion beam etching
IBS    irritable bowel syndrome
IC    integrated circuit (electronics)
IC50    half maximal (50%) inhibitory concentration
ICAM    intercellular adhesion molecule
IC    integrated circuit (electronics)
ICC    immuno-cytochemistry
ICP    inductively coupled plasma; ion concentration polarization
ICS    immuno-chromatographic (test) strip
ICT    information and communication technologies
ICU    intensive care unit
ICEO    induced-charge electroosmosis
ID    inner / internal diameter; infectious disease
IDA    interdigitated (microelectrode) array (IDEA)
IDEA    interdigitated (microelectrode) array (IDA)
IDL    instrument detection limit
IDoP    infectious diseases of poverty
IDT    interdigital transducer
IE    plasma (ion) etching
IEEE    Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
IEF    isoelectric focusing
IEP    isoelectric point
IEq    islet equivalent
IF    immuno-fluorescence
IFA    immuno-fluorescence assay
IFE    interfollicular epidermis
IFN    interferon
IgG    class of immunoglobulin proteins
IGF    insulin-like growth factor
IJ    inkjet
IL    interleukin (cytokine); ionic liquid
IM    injection molding
INF    interferon
INR    international normalized ratio (coagulation time testing)
IOP    intraocular pressure
IP    intellectual property
IP    intellectual property rights
IPF    immature platelet fraction
IR    infrared (radiation)
ISI    international sensitivity index
ISF    interstitial fluid
ISFET    ion sensitive FET
ISO    international organization for standardization
ITO    indium-tin oxide
ITP    isotachophoresis
IU    international units
IUPAC    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IV    intra-venous; influenza virus; in vitro
IVD    in-vitro diagnostics
IVF    in-vitro fertilization
IVTT    in-vitro transcription / translation
J    Joule (unit of energy)
K    Kelvin (SI unit of absolute temperature)
KCl    potassium chloride
KET    ketamine; key enabling technology
KOH    potassium hydroxide
KOL    key opinion leader
KPI    key performance inficator
KRAS    V-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, also GTPase KRas
LAD    lung-assist device
LAMP    loop-mediated isothermal amplification
LBL    layer-by-layer (self-assembly)
LBM    lattice Boltzmann method
LBR    laser beam recorder (optical disc manufacturing)
LC    liquid chromatography
LCM    laser capture microdissection
LCP    liquid crystal polymer; large character printing
LCST    lower critical solution temperature (thermoresponsive hydrogel)
LD    laser diode
LDI    laser desorption ionization
LDH    lactate dehydrogenase
LDL    low-density lipoprotein
LDPE    low-density polyethylene
LDV    laser–Doppler velocimetry
LED    light-emitting diode
LEM    lumped-element model (simulation)
LEP    light-emitting polymer
LF    lateral flow
LFA    lateral flow (LF) assay
LFD    lateral flow (LF) device
LFIA    lateral flow (LF) immunoassay (IA
LFT    lateral flow (LF) test
LH    luteinizing hormone
LIF    laser-induced fluorescence
LIGA    German acronym for Lithographie (lithography) –
   Galvanoformung (electroplating) – Abformung (molding)
LISA    lithographically-induced self-assembly
LLE    liquid/liquid extraction
LMIC    low- and middle-income country
LMW    low molecular weight
LoaC    lab-on-a-chip (synonymous for LoC)
LoC    lab-on-chip (synonymous for LoaC)
LOD    lactate oxidase
LoD    limit of detection
LOH    loss of heterozygosity
LoQ    limit of quantitation
LPCVD    low pressure CVD
LPD    liquid phase deposition
LPS    lipopolysaccharide
LRTI    lower respiratory tract infection
LSI    large-scale integration
LSCM    laser scanning confocal microscope
LSPR    localized SPR
LYS    life year saved
MA    methacrylate
MAb    monoclonal antibody
MACS    magnetically activated cell sorting
MALDI    matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization
MALDI-TOF    MALDI TOF spectrometer
MALS    multi-angle light scattering
MAP    magnetophoresis
MAPSS    multi-angle, polarized scatter separation
MBC    micro bubble column
MBD    methyl binding domain
MBE    molecular beam epitaxy
MCH    mean corpuscular hemoglobin (blood), Hb / RBC; 6-mercapto-1-hexanol (SAM)
MCHC    mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (blood), Hb / Hct
MCHX    microchannel heat exchanger
MCV    mean corpuscular volume (blood), Hct / RBC
MD    molecular diagnostics
MDA    multiple displacement amplification
MDL    method detection limit
MDR    multi-drug resistance (microorganism)
MDx    molecular diagnostics (Dx)
MEA    membrane electrode assembly (fuel cells); multi-electrode array
MECC    micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography
MECN    acetonitrile (organic solvent)
MEF    mouse embryonic fibroblast
MEKC    micellar electrokinetic chromatography
MEMS    microelectromechanical system
MET    mesenchymal epithelial transition
MFC    mass flow controller; microbial fuel cell
MFFF    magnetic field flow fractionation
MHD    magneto-hydrodynamic
MI    myocardial infarction
MIC    minimum inhibitory concentration
MID    moulded interconnect(ed) device
MIMIC    micro molding in capillaries
MIQE    minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments
MK    megakaryocyte
MKSA    meter–kilogram–second–Ampere (cef. SI and cgs)
MKT    molecular kinetic theory
MMC    Mitomycin C (drug)
MMG    mechanomyogram
MMP    matrix metalloproteinase
MNC    mononuclear (blood) cells; multinational corporation
MNP    magnetic nanoparticle
MOEMS    micro optical electromechanical system
MOF    metal organic framework
MOQ    minimum order quantity
MOSFET    metal-oxide-semiconductor FET
MPC    multi project chip
MPF    multi phase flow
MPO    myeloperoxidase
MPP    minimum performance parameter
MPPS    most penetrating particle size (air filtration)
MPSS    massively parallel signature sequencing
MPW    multi project wafer
MRD    minimal residual disease
MRF    magneto-rheological fluid
MRI    magnetic resonance imaging
MRE    micro reaction engineering; molecular recognition element
MRL    maximum residue limit
MRM    multiple reaction monitoring
MRSA    methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MRT    micro reaction technology
MS    mass spectroscopy
MSC    mesenchymal stem cell
MST    microsystem technology
MTB    Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MTP    microtiter plate, well plate
MTV    molecular tagging velocimetry
MoAb    monoclonal antibody
MSSA    Methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus
MWCNT    multi-walled CNT
MUX    multiplexer
MVB    multivesicular body
MVP    minimum viable product
MZI    Mach–Zehnder interferometer
N    Newton (SI unit for force)
NA    numerical aperture; nucleic acid
NAAT    nucleic acid amplification testing
NaCl    sodium chloride
NAFLC    non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
NASBA    nucleic acid sequence-based amplification
NAT    nucleic acid test(ing)
NBS    newborn screening
NC    normally closed (valve)
NCD    non-communicable diseases
NEAR    nicking enzyme amplification reaction
NEMS    nano-electromechanical system (cef. MEMS)
NET    neutrophil extracellular trap
NEXAFS    near edge X-ray absorption fine structure
NG    normal gravity (fermentation)
NGO    non-government organization
NGS    next-generation sequencing
NHE    normal hydrogen electrode (electrochemistry)
NHS    N-hydroxysuccinimide
Ni    nickel (chemical symbol)
NIL    nanoimprint lithography
NIPAAm    N-isopropylacrylamide
NIPS    nonsolvent induced phase separation
NIR    near infrared
NIRS    near infrared spectrum
NIST    National Institute of Standards and Technology
NK    natural killer (cells)
NMC    nanomechanical cantilever
NMR    nuclear magnetic resonance (spectroscopy)
NO    nitric oxide; normally open (valve)
NP    nanoparticle
NPD    new product development
NR    nanoribbon
NRBC    nucleated RBC
NRE    non-recurring engineering
NS    Navier-Stokes (equation)
NSE    neuron-specific enolase
NSOM    near-field scanning optical microscopy
NSC    neutral stem cell; non-small cell
NSCLC    non-small-cell lung cancer
NSL    nanosphere lithography
NTC    no-template control; negative temperature coefficient
NVP    N-vinyl pyrrolidone
NVV    nervous necrosis virus
NW    nanowire
NWF    network-forming (ion) in glass
NWM    network-modifying (ion) in glass
OA    osteoathritis
OCEC    open-channel electro-chromatography
OCP    open-circuit potential
OD    optical density
ODEP    optically-induced DEP
OEG    oligoethylene-glycol
OEM    original equipment manufacturer
OET    opto-electrical tweezer(s)
OFM    opto-fluidic microscopy
OLED    organic LED
OOC    out-of-control (e.g. pharmaceutical process); organ-on-a-chip
OPC    oropharyngeal cancer
ORMOCER    organically modified ceramic
ORMOSIL    organically modified silicate
ORF    open reading frame
OS    overall survival (cancer research)
OSL    organic semiconductor laser
OSTE    off-stoichiometry thiol-enes
OT    optical tweezer(s)
OTC    over-the-counter (drugs)
OTFT    organic thin-film transistor
OTCF    oscillatory thermocapillary flow
OTR    oxygen transfer rate
OTS    octadecyltrichlorosilane
OUR    oxygen uptake rate
PA    polyamide
Pa    Pascal (SI unit for pressure)
PAA    poylacrylic acid
PAAm    poylacrylamide
PAGE    polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
PAH    poly(allylamine hydrochloride)
PANI    poly(aniline)
PAT    process analytical technique / technology
PB    powder blasting
PBR    packed bed bioreactor
PBMC    peripheral blood mononuclear cell
PBS    phosphate-buffered saline
PBT    polybutyleneterephthalate
PC    polycarbonate; photonic crystal
PCA    phenyl chloroacetate; pricipal component analysis
PCa    prostate cancer
PCB    printed circuit board (electronics)
PCD    programmed cell death, e.g. apoptosis
PCR    polymerase chain reaction (for DNA amplification)
PCT    procalcitonin (sepsis marker)
Pct    plateletcrit (blood)
PCL    polycaprolactone
PCV    packed cell volume (blood)
PD    photodiode
PDDA    poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride)
PDF    pressure driven flow
PDGF    platelet-derived growth factor
PDMS    polydimethylsiloxane
PDW    platelet distribution width (blood)
PE    polyethylene; plasma etching
PEB    post-exposure bake (lithography)
PECAM    platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule
PEVD    plasma-enhanced CVD
PEDOT    Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
PEEK    polyetheretherketone
PEG    polyethylene glycol
PEGDA    poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate
PEI    poly(ethyleneimine); polyetherimide
PEM    polymer electrolyte membrane (also: proton exchange membrane);
   polyelectrolyte multilayer
PEO    polyethylene oxide
PET    polyethylene terephthalate; posittron emission tumography
PEtOx    poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)
PEVA    poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)
PF    phenol formaldehyde
PFA    perfluoralkoxy copolymer
PFF    pinched flow fractionation
PFGE    pulsed-field agarose gel electrophoresis
PFPE    perfluoropolyether
PFS    progression free survival (cancer)
PGM    personal glucose meter
PhC    photonic crystal
PI    polyimide; propidium iodide (dead cell stain)
PIC    peripheral interface controller (Harvard architecture microcontroller)
PID    proportional-integral-derivative (controller); pelvic inflammatory disease
PIM    powder injection molding
PIV    particle image velocimetry
PK    pharmacokinetic
PLC    programmable logic control(ler)
PLD    puled laser deposition
PLGA    polylactic glycolic acid
Plt    total platelet count (blood)
PMA    propidium monoazide
PMAA    poly(methacrylic acid)
PMA    pre-market approval (FDA)
PMMA    poly(methyl methacrylate)
PMN    polymorphonuclear (WBC)
PMT    photo-multiplying tube, photomultiplier
PMTA    poly(2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl trimethylammonium chloride)
PNA    peptide nucleic acid
PNIPAM    poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)
PQ    process qualification
PoAb    polyclonal antibody
POC    point-of-care; proof of concept
POCT    point-of-care testing
POD    peroxidase
POEA    polyethoxylated tallow amine
POM    polyoxymethylene
PP    polypropylene
PPCVD    pulsed-plasma CVD
PPE    polyphenylene ether; personal protective equipment
PPM    porous polymer monolith
PPO    polypropylene oxide
PPS    polyphenylene sulfide
PPV    poly(para-phenylene vinylene)
PPy    polypyrrole
PR    photo-resist (lithography)
PRD    poverty-related disease
PRP    platelet-rich plasma
PS    polystyrene; porous silicon
PSD    product specifications document
PSA    prostate-specific antigen (cancer marker); pressure-sensitive adhesive
PSG    phosphosilicate glass
PSQ    polysilsesquioxane
PSU    polysulfone
PT    prothrombin time (blood coagulation test)
PTFE    polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
PU    polyurethane
PUA    polyurethane acrylate
PUF    physical unclonable function
PV    photovoltaic
PVA    polyvinyl alcohol
PVC    polyvinyl chloride
PVD    physical vapor deposition
PVDC    polyvinylidene chloride
PVDF    polyvinylidene fluoride
PVP    polyvinyl pyrrolidone
PWM    pulse width modulation
PZR    piezoresistive
PZT    lead zirconate titanate, piezoelectric transducer
QA    quality assurance
QALY    quality adjusted life years
QdB    quality by design
QC    quality control
QCM    quartz-crystal microbalance
R&D    research and development
RBC    red blood cell
RBS    Rutherford back scattering (spectroscopy)
RCA    rolling circle amplification
RDT    rapid diagnostic test
RDM    redistributed manufacturing
RDW    RBC distribution width
RE    reference electrode (electrochemistry)
RF    radio-frequency
RFLP    restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFP    red fluorescence protein; request for proposal
RFS    recurrence free survival (cancer)
RFU    relative fluorescence units
RH    relative humidity
RHE    reversible hydrogen electrode
RI    refractive index
RIA    radio-immunoassay
RIBE    reactive ion beam etching
RIE    reactive ion etching
RIM    reaction injection moulding
RIN    RNA integrity number
RIU    refractive index (RI) unit
RNA    ribonucleic acid
ROI    region of interest; return on investment
RPA    recombinase polymerase amplification
RPC    reverse phase chromatography
RPL    recombinant prokaryotic lectin
RPM    revolutions or rotations per minute
RPO    research performing organisation
RQ    respiratory quotient
RT    real-time; reverse transcriptase; room temperature
RTD    residence time distribution; research and technology development;
   resistance temperature detector
RTO    research and technology organisation
RT-PCR    reverse transcription PCR
RT-qPCR    reverse transcription quantitative PCR
RVFV    Rift Valley fever virus
Rx    prescription, pharma(ceutical)
S    Siemens, SI unit for electric conductivity
S/N    signal-to-noise ratio
SA    streptavidin; Staphylococcus aureus; sodium alginate
SAGE    serial analysis of gene expression
SAK    sexual assault kit
SALDI    surface assisted laser desorption ionization
SAM    self-assembled monolayer
SAR    structure–activity relationship; split–and–recombine (mixer)
SARS    severe acute respiratory syndrome
SAW    surface acoustic wave (transducer)
SAXS    small angle X-ray scattering
SB    synthetic biology
SBH    sequencing by hybridization
SC    stem cell
SCE    saturated / standard calomel electrode
SCFM    standard cubic feet per minute
scFv    single-chain variable fragment (antibodies)
SCP    small character printing
SCT    sickle cell trait
SBS    sequencing by synthesis
SBSL    single-bubble sonoluminescence
SCDC    single cell derived culture
SD    standard deviation
SDA    strand displacement amplification
SDS    sodium dodecyl sulphate
SDS-PAGE    SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
SEC    size exclusion chromatography
SELEX    systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment
SEM    scanning electron microscope
SERF    spin-exchange relaxation-free (NMR)
SERS    surface-enhanced Raman scattering / spectroscopy
SFA    surface force apparatus
SFB    silicon fusion bonding
SFM    scanning force microscopy
SH-SAW    shear horizontal SAW (transducer)
SHE    standard hydrogen electrode
SHG    second-harmonic generation (laser)
SHOM    sequencing by hybridization with an oligonucleotide matrix
SI    système internationale d’unités,
   standard international (cef. MKSA and cgs)
SIMS    secondary ion mass spectroscopy
Si    silicon (chemical symbol)
Si:H    hydrogenated Si
Si3N4    silicon nitride
SiNW    silicon nanowire
SiO 2    silicon dioxide, silica
SILAC    stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture
SiP    system in package
SIRS    systemic inflammatory response syndrome
SL    sonoluminescence
SLES    sodium lauryl ether sulfate, also sodium laureth sulfate
SLM    supported liquid membrane; selective laser melting
SLS    sodium laureth sulfate; static light scattering
SMA    shape memory alloy
SMB    small and medium business (= SME)
SMC    smooth muscle cell
SME    small and medium enterprise (= SMB)
SMS    single molecule sequencing
SNOM    scanning near-field optical microscopy
SNP    single nucleotide polymorphism
SNR    signal-to-noise ratio
SoD    stream-on-demand technology
SOI    silicon-on-insulator (wafer)
SOM    scanning optical microscopy
SPP    surface plasmon polariton
SPR    surface plasmon resonance (spectroscopy)
SPRI    solid phase reversible immobilisation
SPRi    SPR imaging
SOG    spin-on glass
SOP    standard operating procedure
SPAD    single-photon avalanche diode
SPE    solid phase extraction
SPM    solid polymer membrane (cef. PEM)
SPR-BIA    SPR-based biomolecular interaction analysis
SRI    standard reference instrument
SRM    super-resolution microscopy
SRS    system requirements specifications
SS    stainless steel
SSAW    standing SAW
SSC    saline sodium citrate; side scattering
SSLP    simple sequence length polymorphism
STD    sexually transmitted disease
STI    sexually transmitted infection
STEM    science, technology, engineering & mathematics
STKE    signal transduction knowledge environment
STORM    stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy
STP    standard temperature and pressure
STR    short tandem repeat
STS    sequence tagged site; Staurosporine (drug)
SVM    support vector machine (algorithm)
SWCNT    single-walled CNT
T    Tesla (SI unit); ribosylthymine (ribonucleoside residues)
TAA    tumour associated antigen
Taq-polymerase   DNA polymerase of thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus
TAM    total accessible market
Taq    Thermus aquaticus (polymerase)
TAS    total analysis system
TasP    treatment as prevention
TAT    turnaround time
TB    tuberculosis
TBE    Tris-Borate-EDTA (buffer)
TC    tumour cell
TCF    thermocapillary flow
TCP    thermocapillary pumping
TCR    T-cell antigen receptor
TCSPC    time-correlated single-photon counting
TD    decomposition temperature (polymers)
TDM    therapeutic drug monitoring
TEER    transepithelial electrical resistance
TEM    transmission electron microscopy; track etched membrane
TEOS    tetra ethyl orthosilicate
TESE    testicular sperm extraction
TFB    thermoplastic fusion bonding
TFT    thin-film transistor
TGF    transformation growth factor
THF    tetrahydrofuran (organic solvent)
TI    tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes
TIR    total internal reflection
TIRE    total internal reflection ellipsometry
TIRF    total internal reflection fluorescence
TLC    thermochromic liquid crystal; thin-layer chromatography
TLR    toll-like receptor
TMA    tissue microarray
TMACl    tetramethyl-ammonium chloride
TMAH    tetramethyl-ammonium hydroxide
TMB    tetramethylbenzidine
TMCS    trimethylchlorosilane
TMOS    tetramethoxysilane
TMV    tobacco mosaic virus
TnC    troponin C
TNF    tumor necrosis factor
TnI    troponin I
TNT    trinitrotoluene (explosive)
TnT    troponin T
TOF    time-of-flight
TPA    tissue plasminogenic antigen
TPC    three-phase contact (line)
TPE    thermoset polyester; thermoplastic elastomer
TPP    target product profile
TRH    thyroid releasing hormone
TRITC    tetramethyl rhodamine isothiocyanate
TRL    technology readiness level
TRUS    transrectal ultrasound
TSAW    traveling SAW
TSE    transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
TSH    thyroid stimulating hormone
TTL    transistor-transistor logic
TTV    total thickness variation
TW    traveling wave
UD    urine drainage (system)
UHPLC    ultra HPLC
UN    United Nations (organization)
UTI    urinary tract infection
UV    ultra-violet
V    Volt (SI unit for voltage)
VAD    vascular access device
VC    venture capital
VCD    viable cell density
VCSEL    vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
VEGF    vascular endothelial growth factor
VHG    very high gravity (fermentation)
VISA    vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus
VL    viral load
VLSI    very large-scale integration
VOC    volatile organic compound
VSC    vascular stem cell
VSM    vibrating sample magnetometer
VSMC    vascular smooth muscle cell
VSV    vesicular stomatitis virus
W    Watt (SI unit for power)
WAXS    wide angle X-ray scattering
WBC    white blood cell
WE    working electrode (electrochemistry)
WHO    World Health Organization
WT    wild type
XPS    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
XAFS    X-ray absorption fine-structure (spectroscopy)
XRL    X-ray lithography
XRR    X-ray reflectivity
YAC    yeast artificial chromosome
YLD    years of healthy life lost as a result of disability
ZE    zone electrophoresis
amu    atomic mass unit
antigen    antibody (Ab) generator
a-Si    amorphous Si
aRNA    amplified RNA
atm    atmosphere (pressure unit)
au    arbitrary units
bp    base pair (of nucleic acid)
cas    CRISPR-associated system
cBSA    cationized BSA
cDNA    complementary DNA
cc    cubic centimeter, cm3
cf    cell free
cDNA    complementary DNA
cfDNA    cell free DNA
ctDNA    circulating tumor DNA
cgs    centimeter–gram–second (system of units, cef. SI and MKSA)
cIEF    capillary IEF
cIJ    continuous inkjet
cm    centimeter, 10-2m
cMSC    chaperone mesenchymal stem cell
cTnI    cardiac TnI
ctDNA    circulating tumour DNA
cyborg    cybernetic organism
dB    decibel
ddA    dideoxy adenine
ddC    dideoxy cytosine
ddG    dideoxy guanine
dPCR    digital PCR
ddT    dideoxy thymine
dsDNA    double-stranded DNA
eDNA    environmental DNA
fl    femtoliter, 10-15l
gDNA    genomic DNA
hCG    human chorionic gonadotropin (pregnancy marker)
hIgG    human IgG
hPa    hecto-Pascal (pressure unit)
iPS    induced pluripotent stem cell
iRBC    infected RBC
kb    kilo-base pair(s)
kbp    kilo-base pair(s)
kCG    human chorionic gonadotropin
kg    kilogram (SI unit for weight)
km    kilometer
kPa    kilo-Pascal (pressure unit)
l    liter (SI unit for volume)
laser    light amplification by stimulated emission
m    meter (SI unit for length)
mAb    monoclonal antibody
miRNA    micro RNA
ml    milliliter, 10-3l
mm    millimeter, 10-3m
mHealth    mobile health
mRNA    messenger RNA
mtDNA    mitochondria DNA
nDEP    negative DEP
nfluidics    nanofluidics
nl    nanoliter, 10-9l
nm    nanometer, 10-9m
nt    nucleotide
pl    picoliter, 10-12l
poly-Si    polycrystalline Si
ppb    parts per billion
ppm    parts per million
p-RNA    pyrasonil RNA
psi    pounds per square inch (pressure unit)
qPCR    quantitative PCR, also real-time PCR
rG    radius of gyration
rNTP    ribonucleic nucleotide triphosphates
rpm    RPM
rRNA    ribosomal RNA
s    second (SI unit for time)
sccm    standard cubic centimeters per minute (flow measurement)
siRNA    short interfering RNA
sPROMs    structurally programmable microfluidic system
ssDNA    single-stranded DNA
surfactant    SURFace ACTing AgeNT
t-PSA    total PSA
tRNA    transfer RNA
tmRNA    transfer-messenger RNA
uHTS    ultrahigh-throughput screening
vis    visible
vWF    von Willebrand factor
wt    wild-type
μCP    microcontact printing
μFFE    microstructure free-flow electrophoresis
μfluidics    microfluidics
μIM    micro injection molding
μl    microliter, 10-6l
μm    micrometer, 10-6m
μPIV    micro PIV
μTAS    micro TAS
μWP    micro-wet printing

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